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Susan Bartholomew
Jewelry Creations

Susan Bartholomew has a BA in Fine Art from Metro State with concentrations in Painting and Metal Smithing.   She is a well-recognized and self-taught vitreous enameling jewelry artist within the Denver Metro area. Vitreous Enameling is the “process of fusing glass to metal” and is an ancient art that dates back thousands of years and has many distinctive process styles.  I implore a more painterly technique commonly called “Limoges” or “Peinture Sur Email” which refers to a painted enamel.”  

Susan has been enameling for over 10 years and feels this is the perfect combination of painting and jewelry making.    “Even though I am a jewelry artist, I consider myself a painter.  Metal is my canvas; powered glass is my paint”.  Each piece of jewelry is a one of a kind and is professionally finished including signature.  Styles range from nature scenes to abstract designs.  

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