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Creations by Carol Corn

One of my greatest pleasures in life is eating. Another is always having something creative to do with my hands whether it be pottery, quilting or just doodling. I create functional pottery to satisfy both of these needs. Using hand made pots to cook, serve in and eat out of gives me great pleasure.  I derive even more pleasure from knowing other people hold, use and enjoy pots that I have made whether they be strangers or others who are a part of my life.  For me there is a connection and intimacy gained from this relationship.

My pots are thrown on the potters wheel and are simple in form with attention paid to functionality.  Is the handle on a mug comfortable to hold? Does the rim feel good to drink from? Is the shape going to keep the liquid hot? I consider the specific qualities of each of my functional forms as I make them.  My pieces are made from stoneware and are either reduction fired to Cone 10 or oxidation fired to cone 6.

I am very happy to have pottery as my creative outlet and will continue to make pottery that is simple, beautiful and functional.

As much as I like making functional. Pottery, some of my favorite pieces are alternatively fired vessels. When you come into the gallery I love talking about how pots are fired with horse hair or in a pit.

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