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Gabrielle Knox's Creations

My pottery life began in late ‘60’s when I was looking for something creative to do at a difficult time.  I found an advertisement for a pottery class…and jumped right in!  It was wonderful – fulfilling and fun!  Then reality set in, and I had to do something – “like get a real job” so pottery was set aside for some 50-years!  After retiring, however, I was re-introduced to clay! 

Working with clay is like therapy for me – it’s meditative, calming, focusing on what’s right in front of me!  My objective is to make functional and yet fun pots – with no two pieces the same.  Simplicity and bright colors give each piece a unique look and feel – and conveys a different message to each person who views it. 

Whether “throwing” on a pottery wheel or “hand-building”, it is a time-consuming process:  making the piece, firing it so that my design can be added, glazing the piece, and then the final firing.  Each firing alone can take up to 36-hours! All my pots are food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe.     
Seeing people appreciate and enjoy my work puts a smile on my face – and brings joy to my life!  

Recently I was fortunate to find a terrific group of artists representing various mediums who came together to form ARTWORKS!  We are a cooperative making our gallery an excellent place to find gifts and unique items to purchase and share with your family, your friends, and with the community!  

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