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Lisa Adam's Creations

In ancient times Clans chose someone to be the “Fire Carrier”. The job was sacred; keeping smoldering tinder burning and safe was crucial because the tribe would not survive without fire. It was a huge responsibility; the sparks they carried ensured food, warmth and light. 

Artists are the fire keepers of the modern world. While fire is no longer a necessity for daily survival, it is the ARTISTS in our world that feed our souls, warm our hearts and light the way for creative spirits. The journey of an artist is fueled by creative mystery. Fire is the only element that is never repeated so every blaze is unique to itself; like a fingerprint, like one’s art. We artists have a huge responsibility and a sacred job. Our work is imperative to keep the current verve thriving. 

I am blessed to be part of this clan! 

My art is about the visceral level of connection. I am attracted to the spiritual dichotomy of the ephemeral and transcendental. As an artist I love texture, line, collage and the illusion of cellular interiors. I believe my works are snapshots of unseen atmospheric land or mindscapes. I am excited and curious to see where it will lead me. 

I am a palette jumper, gravitating and layering a variety of media from canvas to clay. However, I find myself most at home with a drawing tool- making marks, scumbling up tonal value, inking and collaging. When I make art, it is in tandem with the substrate, the unknown and the process; oftentimes my work is unraveled, not planned, like a fire. 

Lisa Lee is a true Blue Crab east coaster originally from Maryland. She received her BS and MAEA degrees from Towson State University. She taught Middle School art for 8 years. She followed an adventurous hunch and relocated to snowy, sunny Colorado to teach High School Art which she did for 22 years. Currently she teaches Studio Drawing at Arapahoe Community College. She is represented by NEXT Galley in Denver and VALKARIE Gallery in Lakewood. She resides in the Littleton Foothills with her wonderful husband Stan, and her beautiful daughter Sedona Lee. 

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