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Eric Hagemann
Fine Art Photography

Photography has always captivated me - the ability to freeze time, arrange scenes, and manipulate light to realize a vision is my passion. When I photograph a scene, I envision its final presentation; image capture and post-processing are my means of bringing my imagination to life. My fine art images have no objective "correctness"; they embody my artistic vision. I create images for myself, hoping they will resonate with and inspire others.


I specialize in monochromatic photography, which allows me to reduce a scene to its fundamental elements and focus on the interplay of light and shadow. I am particularly drawn to deep blacks and precise highlights, which lend my work a stark, dramatic quality.


After a 36-year career in public sector engineering and organizational strategy, I am focused full-time on uncovering dynamic and thought-provoking images. Currently, my interests are exploring and capturing the diverse landscapes of the Western US - from the rugged mountains and plains of Colorado to the arid deserts of Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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