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Ana Quintana

Ana's artistic journey is a kaleidoscope of mediums, from photography to acrylic fluid painting. Engaging with art since childhood, she delves into the mesmerizing world of fluid art, finding passion in its ability to create gliding, organic, and hypnotic compositions. Each piece holds a unique allure as viewers perceive diverse conformations, shapes, and patterns. From her Cuban roots to thriving in the US, Ana's life narrative weaves resilience, hard work, and a deep appreciation for art. Settling in Colorado in 1996, she and her husband now call Denver home. The name Saint Cross Art was influenced by a home renovation where a discarded palette emblazoned with the phrase Saint Cross caught her eye. Ana quickly captured the images, and her brand was born. Beyond the canvas, Ana embraces life as an avid skier, devoted gardener, insatiable reader, and trivia lover, infusing her art with the richness of diverse experiences.

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